Textlimit.com was started out of the urgent need for a solution to the plague of distracted drivers on our roads across the country and globally.

Take this video, for instance, of a shocking driver:

There is far too much loss of life as a result of distracted driving, a large part of which is related to mobile devices; in fact, more than 29,000 people have died from distracted driving in the US between 2012-2020. (Source). A staggering figure and needless hardship for thousands of families.

Text Limit is a 360 solution for businesses, families, and individuals to limit smartphone capabilities with a failsafe solution that completely removes the ability to use the device for any meaningful purpose while driving. Built-in car stereo systems already do this, but why not make mobiles do the same?

Enrolling your phone in the Text Limits solution can eliminate mobile distractions while driving for good!

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