About us

Mobile Life Solutions was started in response to a desperate need in the market for a solution to the global problem of distracted driving. Far too many deaths and terrible accidents have occurred due to this use of technology. Our product, textlimit.com provides a fail-safe solution to stop these accidents.

TextLimit.com provides a turnkey solution for parents, corporations and adult cell phone users alike to limit the capabilities of the cell phone while the phone is in motion. One of the unique features is the ability to choose the speed at which the features of the phone will become disabled. For years, auto manufacturers have limited the ability to make inputs to onboard navigation systems when the car is in motion. TextLimit.com works on the same principle.

Our product provides complete control of the features of the phone from our website, www.textlimit.com. The options available include the ability to limit the functions of the phone at a selected speed (911 calls will always work).  There are a few differences between mobile phone operating systems but the app stops distracted driving.  Another feature is the phone can be geo-located at any time through the website including providing a history. The app "pings" the location of the phone every 5 minutes.  These are just a few of the available features with textlimit.com.

Mobile Life Solutions will continue to develop additional applications for smartphones that will save lives and enhance lifestyle. Watch for our state-of-the-art travel application coming in the near future. We will offer the guaranteed lowest prices on hotels, rental cars, airfare, cruises and so much more. Our first mission is to stop the senseless loss of life from distracted driving.

The inspiration for developing the solution for distracted driving came from my two daughters. I had been guilty of distracted driving and they had no problem pointing out that I wasn't practicing what I had preached.  In fact, a higher percentage of adults admit to texting and driving than teens!  I had to find a solution to this global problem.

As I started researching the available products, nothing on the market was easy to use and provided the peace of mind for parents with teens that drive and use their phones, corporations or busy professionals. Many campaigns are under way to build awareness but there is no solution that is easy to use, affordable and offers so many features.

By enrolling your phone with textlimit.com, you will be able to limit the distractions….you will never have to take a chance again. We look forward to continuing to develop great products that provide solutions and enhance lifestyle. Thank you for your support and we welcome your feedback.

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