Corporations need a solution to keep their employees from driving distracted.  The elements that make up an effective policy are awareness, education, clear policy and providing a tool to prevent the behavior.

The Textlimit smartphone app is a key part of any company policy.  The app is easy to use, provides a flexible tool for the company and the employee and is very affordable at only $24.99 per phone per year. 

Today, there are more than 40 states with laws that ban texting (email, web surfing) and driving.  In many states, there are laws that prohibit using the handset while driving altogether.  As a company with employees on the road, you need to insure their compliance with these laws and implement an effective policy.  Besides state traffic laws, there are also OSHA regulations that prohibit having employees text and drive.

Our website allows your company to add all of your company phones at once.  We make it easy to add the phones and easy to pay.  Our specialists will be happy to assist you with the process.  Additionally, we have provided a Corporate Sample Cell Phone Policy in the footer of our website. 

If you haven’t done anything to reduce your exposure to vicarious liability, you should take action on this important issue now!  You should also check with your insurance provider for potential changes to your commercial policy.  Many insurance companies are changing their policies to limit their exposure to large jury awards.   These changes could mean they will only pay to defend lawsuits arising from a distracted driving accident but they will not pay an award.

This is a serious issue for companies large and small and failure to take action on this growing issue could be catastrophic.  Don’t wait, download Textlimit today for all of your employees.

Benefits Include –

·         Limit the phone’s screen while the employee is driving

·         Receive speeding alerts if your employee exceeds a maximum speed set by your company administrator

·         Locate the employee’s phone and receive a history of where the phone has been

·         Receive alerts if your employee disables the app, turns off GPS services or deletes the app

Establish important “Go Through” numbers that will ring through to your employees’ phones even when the screen is being inhibited

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