Accidents caused by Texting while Driving

Texting while driving is a very serious topic for consideration and one has to realize the dangers it involves before something drastic happens. The newspapers are filled with gruesome reports of accidents caused by texting while driving. There are pedestrians, passengers and the drivers themselves who get hurt or even killed because of their carelessness.

Texting has become an addiction with everyone, especially teenagers as they have been given certain luxuries at a very early age, when they do not understand the responsibilities attached. Driving is a mature task that deserves to be taken seriously by adults as well as teenagers. The accidents caused by texting while driving are becoming rampant and this has become an issue that needs immediate attention.

As parents, guardians or law makers, it is our responsibility to ensure that teenagers, when handling heavy machinery like vehicles, refrain from any distractions, and are focussed on to the task at hand, which is driving. Any misses in this case should be punishable by law. Unless enforced, it is very unlikely that teenagers or even adults for that matter will refrain from using cell phones while driving.

Certain states across the United States have now banned texting while driving due to the danger of causing accidents as a result of negligence. There have been deaths where the drivers are teenagers and the cause of the accident was something as trivial as phone usage. Is this really a justifiable reason to rob someone of their right to live?

In a survey conducted in the year 2010, a staggering 18% of accidents were directly caused by distracted driving. It is also researched, that the brain activity reduces by an alarming 37% when you use your phone while driving. Also, you are more likely to cause an accident if you are texting as opposed to you being fully alert. These figures are not only shocking but have also become a reason for a joint initiative to create as much awareness as possible so as to bring the situation under control and respect people’s right to live a healthy and long life.

With these accidents are becoming news every now and then, Textlimit is an app that will help in monitoring the teenagers who are yet to learn that their little oversight can lead to a dangerous mishap. Parents can maintain remote access to the activities of their teenager’s phone and can remotely disable all the functions that are expected to cause a distraction. This app also helps in geo locating the enrolled phone. You can set a speed limit that will automatically suspend all the phone privileges when the vehicle reaches that limit.

It is very disappointing that all those accidents that became a reason for someone’s death or someone being disabled for the rest of their lives could have been totally avoided by nothing but a little accountability and caution. When you are driving on the road, you have to be careful not only for your sake but also for the sake of all those people who can be your victims.

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