Requirements for TextLimit to Operate Properly –

Information regarding the IMEI of your phone - 

Why does TextLimit record the phone’s IMEI #: 

The textlimit app pulls the IMEI number of the phone once the user logs in to the app with his or her credentials.  When logging in, the IMEI number is sent along for cross validation since one user can use his/her Credentials in any phone, which has the textlimit app running.  So, to avoid the login credential from being mishandled, we record and store the IMEI of the cell phone.  From then onwards the IMEI is crosschecked every time the user tries to login.  If the user tries to enter the correct user name and password from a new phone it will not be allow the user to make a successful login.  The app can only be associated with one IMEI number until it is reset.

What should I do if I happen to change my phone/upgrade to a new phone?

If you have changed you handset/cell phone you can login to the Web User Dashboard and in “My Device” select the device for which you have changed the IMEI, upon selection you can see an option to reset your IMEI. Once you reset your IMEI and try to login for your new device that device IMEI will be captured and recorded.  IMEI is used just to validate the user’s phone since textlimit acts as a Geo Locator too.   It is for safety and security reasons that we do this. 

There are general requirements that apply to all 3 platforms (Blackberry, Android and iPhone).  These requirements are listed below:

Requirements For All Platforms –

  • The device must have an Internet connection.  When the phone is in a coverage area without a connection, the app may not function properly.
  • The location services must be turned on so the app may use the GPS in the phone
  • In order for the Administrator to receive alerts, the user of the device must have an account with their service provider that allows for email or text messages to be sent.  Normal rates associated with the user’s service plan will apply for text messages and emails.
  • The user must have logged into the app so the app will be running in the background.  If the user disables the app, the app will not function properly until the app is enabled and the user logs in.
  • The user may see some decreased battery life when using the TextLimit app.

Requirements for Blackberry –

  • The user must allow the app to run with Administrator privileges on the device.  This must be done for the app to function properly!
  • The device must be running Blackberry software 5.0.1 or higher

Requirements for Android –

  • The device must be running Android software 2.1 or higher
  • The user must allow the app to have Administrator privileges - go to "Settings", then "Security" then "Device Administrator" then grant TextLimit administrator privileges.  This must be done for the app to function properly!  Also, if you want to uninstall the app, you must first go to "Settings", then "Security" then "Device Administrator" then revoke TextLimit administrator privileges.  The app will uninstall then.

Requirements for iPhone –

  • The device must be an iPhone 3G or later model
  • The user must configure the settings. Go to "Settings" then "Notifications", locate the Textlimit app, tap it, then under Alert Style, set to “Alerts” and turn "Sounds" and "View in Lock Screen" to "off"
  • Then, go to "Settings", select "General" and make sure that Background App Refresh is on for Textlimit
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